Domestic Borehole Pumps

CRI – Series

C.R.I. 4″ Silverline borehole submersible pumps are constructed with corrosive resistant thermoplastic impellers, diffusers and built-in non-return valves. The main shaft is made from 304/431 stainless steel. The design of these pumps is around optimal hyraulic effeciency and the motor brackets designed for a snug fit to almost any brand of borehole submersible motor built in accordance with NEMA standard.

Pentax – Series

Pentax 4″ borehole pumps have AISI 304 stainless steel discharge heads and motor mount brackets to prevent corrossion. This material is also very abrassive resistant. Floating-type noryl impellers and non-toxic polycarbinate diffusers ensure long lasting and easily replaceable parts. All fastening and external shell are also in stainless steel. The motor mount bracket is built in accordance with NEMA standards.

Grudfos – Series

The Grundfos range is arguably the largest and most expertly built borehole pump range in the world. In full 304 or 316 SS, fully repairable in South Africa and in conjunction with state of the art control and protective switchgear, this range remains unrivaled for quality and peace of mind. These unis can extract water from as deep as 340m.

Nastec – Series

The Nastec range of borehole pumps are revolutionary in that they have a built-in Variable Speed Drive in the motor. This ensures that exact control of either water extration rates or surface pumping pressure are controlled to an exact value. Not only does this ensure the most effecient use of water and more importantly, electricity, it prolongs the life of the equipment considerably. The entire unit is constructed from AISI304 stainless steel and all components are fully servicable.

BW Solar – Series

BW Solar pumps are DC brushless helical rotor pumps that are highly efficient. They are supplied in complete kit form including the required number of panels to suite the application, the panel mounting structure, wiring kit, controller and pump, all in one easy to install system. From as little as 500Lt a day to 20 000Lt a day, a kit system can be designed accordingly.

Climax – Series

The oldest and most trusted name in windmills in South Africa. Using a reciprocating shaft to drive a brass or stainless steel cylinder, they deliver rlentlessly as long as mild winds are blowing. Depending on the depth and water requirement, the range includes “heads” from 8ft in diameter to 18ft and perch atop up to 12m towers to maximize the wind power available. Ideally suited for small holdings to extract water for free almost forever.